All crucial detail about Sunrise ins Group

Sunrise ins Group is accredited as the top company which brings Vietnamese agricultural goods closer to international customers.

Brief background of Sunrise ins

Sunrise ins Group was founded in 2012 with its headquarters located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. During almost 20 years of trading high-quality agricultural products, ranging from rice, coffee, spices to fruits and seafood, the company has affirmed its position in the market. Up to now, products from this company have successfully penetrated into lots of foreign countries and regions.


Brief background of Sunrise ins

In many years, the company received the title of Vietnam’s export reputation, which is recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Product ranges of Sunrise ins

The range of products of Sunrise ins is exceptionally diverse, which is hardly found in other companies. Below are typical products of the company, which are currently enjoyed by consumers.


Traders can find almost every popular type of rice in this company, such as Jasmine, ST24. ST25 or Fragrant rice. Especially, ST25 long grain strong perfume rice of it has won the World’s Best Rice Award, recognized by The Rice Trader in 2019, which is a firm guarantee for the product’s quality.



Herbs & Spices 

Cinnamon and Pepper are two key products of the company when it comes to herbs & spices. Vietnamese tube cinnamon with no fungus, natural skin, and dried pepper is currently available for selling in bulk. Besides, to meet the huge demand for Vietnamese pepper, Sunrise ins established a factory just for the purpose of manufacturing pepper products.


Sunrise ins only focus on processing and producing dried fruits. Top dried fruits include red/white flesh dragon, mango, or jackfruit, which gives buyers plenty of choices, making the customer experience more interesting. For this instant product, achieving qualification of food safety such as ISO is the first priority of the company, to ensure customers’ health.



Dried/Fresh Seafood

Besides various types of fruits, rice, or herbs, the company is also responsible for selling dried and fresh seafood, namely fish such as tuna or canoe fish. Their seafood is grown under strict control to meet the requirement of food safety.

With this diverse range of goods, it has successfully reached many different types of customers.

Competitive factors of Sunrise ins

To obtain the current impressive brand position, the company needs to constantly equip itself with skillful farmers, good-quality factories, qualified products, and first-rate customer service.

  • Skillful farmers

Having a group of 1000 – 2000 progressive farmers is a credit to Sunrise ins. Raw materials of the products are carefully cultivated in precise methods, which are recommended by experienced farmers. Besides, farmers there also need to constantly update new cultivation methods to multiply the quality and quantity of the products simultaneously. That gradually boosts the competitive advantage of the company.

  • Good-quality factories

There are 6 factories fulfilling all uniform standards for exporting to the EU, USA, Korea, Japan, etc such as BRC type A, Kosher, HACCP, Organic, etc. In which, 2 rice and 1 pepper factories are always ready for manufacturing activity and meeting the huge demand for those two products.

  • Qualified products

Sunrise ins Group’s biggest aim is to bring excellent products to its consumers. With ISO 22000 certification, Fresh Farm111 and rewards from Vietnam Pepper Association, etc, this company guarantees to provide customers not only clean but also environment-friendly agricultural products.

  • First-rate customer service

Establishing long-term relationships with buyers is one of the top priorities of the company. Working with Sunrise ins, customers will be pleased and even amazed by their thoughtful and detailed customer service. Product details and trading guidelines are always available on the company website and headquarters to serve buyers.


Competitive factors of Sunrise ins


This is the crucial information about Sunrise ins Group. It is clearly an excellent choice for any traders looking for high-quality Vietnamese products. Besides, if you are still searching for other Vietnamese companies well-known for trading agricultural products internationally, K-Agriculture company is another wonderful option.



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