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K-Agriculture Factory is a leading wholesaler of Vietnamese agricultural products, including Vietnamese cinnamon. K-Agriculture Factory is well regarded and expected to work long-term with numerous partners throughout the world, as one of the trailblazers in utilizing the Internet to transnational business.

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K-Agriculture Factory – top Vietnamese cinnamon supplier

The K-Agriculture Factory also became a national project, with backing from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, providing the best Vietnamese agricultural goods to the worldwide market. K-Agriculture Factory operates under the slogan “Quality is King,” ensuring the highest quality goods at the most reasonable prices.

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Slogan of K-Agriculture Factory

In K-Agriculture, we are grateful for your trust and ardent affection, and we are constantly striving for excellence.

Our accomplishments include:

History of development: 25 years.

International network: exports to 80 countries.

Headquaters: two offices across the world (Vietnam, USA).

Monthly supply capacity: 15000 tons.

Monthly supply capacity: 15000 tons.

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